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Voyager Likovi
Doctor - NOVO


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The Doctor
"Welcome to Sickbay, take a number"

Doktor, ili Emergency Medical Holographic Program, je Voyagerov glavni medicinski casnik. Ukljucen je nedugo nakon sto je Voyager zaglavio u Delta kvadrantu, kad je Voyagerov glavni lijecnik poginuo. Buduci da nije bilo drugih lijecnika u blizini, Doktor je preuzeo ovlasti koje pripadaju Chief Medical Officeru, sto mu je bilo poprilicno naporno, buduci da je bio programiran samo za hitne slucajeve, a sada je morao raditi i prekovremeno.

U pocetku je posada tretirala Doktora kao da je komad tehnologije, no Kes je s njim razvila blisko prijateljstvo i nagovorila je kapetanicu da Doktoru omoguci vise slobode i zamoli posadu da se prema Doktoru ponasaju obzirnije. Tijekom godina Doktor se sprijateljio s mnogo clanova Voyagerove posade, koji su ga poceli uvelike cijeniti i smatrati ga jednakim sebi. Doktor je sam dokazao da je potpuno ravnopravan, svjestan oblik zivota unatoc tome sto nije napravljen od krvi i mesa, vec od fotona i elektromagnetnog polja.

Doktor se iskazao kao veoma duhovit clan posade, posebno u komentiranju postupaka i ponasanja svojih zanimljivih i koji puta neobicnih kolega u posadi. Cesto ga je iritiralo to sto uvijek zadnji sve sazna, i sto mu svi uvijek zele davati neke druge zadatke koji uopce nisu povezani s medicinom. U slobodno vrijeme, Doktor voli slusati operu (i pjevati je, puuuuuno), fotografirati razne stvarcice i onda drzati fotografske izlozbe na koje prisiljava ostale casnike da dolaze i ostanu tamo satima......

Doktor je, iako hologram, u svom zivotu dozivio i ljubav, a dugo godina je gajio romanticne osjecaje prema Sedmoj od Devet, koja, na njegovu zalost, to nije uopce primjecivala.

Doktor se "malo" naljutio.......

U epizodi "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" Doktor je morao glumiti da zapovijeda brodom kako bi zaplasio agresivne izvanzemaljce koji su krivo zakljucili da je Doktor opasan i hrabar ratnik sa veoma mocnim oruzjem, buduci da su greskom motrili njegove fantazije.....

Doctor & Doctor Show

Ajme, bako, kako imas veliku glavu..........

Doctor`s Quotes:

"It seems I`ve found myself on the voyage of the damned." - "Time and Again"

"My programmers didn't clutter me up with pithy Earth trivia." - "Persistence of Vision"

"I am a doctor, Mr. Neelix, not a decorater." - "Phage"

"We were investigating....that`s all we ever do around here. Why pretend we`re going home at all? All we`re going to do is investigate every cubic milimetre of this quadrant, aren`t we?" - "The Cloud"

"If there`s one thing you can count on, it`s that I am the last to be told about anything that happens on this ship." - "Eye of the Needle"

"I never even considered that I have a life." - "Ex Post Facto"

"You might have asked before adorning my sickbay with animal remains." - B`Elanni Torres, "Cathexis"

"Other than his irritating lapses into nostalgia, I see nothing wrong with him." - o Tomu Parisu, "Cathexis"

"Well, it`s bigger than I thought." - o mostu Voyagera, "Projections"

"I am a doctor, not a bartender." - "Twisted"

"I am a doctor, not a voyeur." - "Parturition"

"I don`t have a life, I have a program." - "Tattoo"

"Interesting sensation, blowing one`s nose....My first time." - "Tattoo"

"She`s far more devious than I ever expected." - o Kes, "Tattoo"

"Vulcans make the worst patients." - "Cold Fire"

"I am the embodiment of modern medicine."

Doctor: "I shouldn`t have remind you that I`m a doctor...." B`Elanna: "Not an engineer, right." - "Prototype"

"It's taken some time but I believe I've earned the respect of the crew as an equal."

"I'm supposed to preserve life, not destroy it. I can't live with the thought that I might do it again." - "Latent Image"

"Southern California in the late 20th Century had no shortage of psychotherapists... I suggest you find one" - Henryju Starlingu, "Future`s End, Part II"

"I have some tests I`d like to run on you, Your Majesty, before I release you back into the realm of ordinary humans." - Tomu Parisu, "Threshold"

"You`re too stubborn to die, Mr. Paris." - "Threshold"

"Mr. Paris, I assume you`ve had a great deal of experience being rejected by women." - "Lifesigns"

"I am a doctor, not a performer!" - "Investigations"

"I have a very trustworthy face." - "The Thaw"

"Man overboard!!!!" - nakon sto su ga greskom projicirali u svemir, "Basics, Part I"

"What am I supposed to do? Lead a revolt with a gang from Sandrine`s?" - "Basics, Part II"

"I am a doctor, not a counterinsurgent." - "Basics, Part II"

"Sticks and stones won`t break my bones, so you can imagine how I feel about being called names." - "Basics, Part II"

"I demand you tell me my name!!!" - "The Swarm"

"I`m footloose and fancy-free!!!" - "Future`s End, Part II"

"With Lieutenant Torres, upset is a relative term." - "Blood Fever"

"Watch your tongue, or I`ll remove it." - B`Elanni, nakon sto mu se program pokvario, "Darkling"

"Vulcans are notoriously difficult to impress." - Neelixu, "Rise"

"It`s really obvious, Lieutenant. Your wife is travelling backwards through time." - Tomu Parisu, "Before and After"

"That creature napping in sickbay is a dinosaur." - kapetanici Janeway, "Distant Origin"

"Welcome to Sickbay, take a number." - "Displaced"

"Then I can begin my new career as a tricorder." - nakon sto su ga prilagodili da pogledom detektira elektromagnetno zracenje, "Displaced"

"Don`t worry, I`ll delete myself at the first sign of trouble. Well, maybe not the first sign..." - "Scorpion, Part II"

"Fashion, of course, is hardly my forte." - "The Gift"

"Who would have thought this eclectic group of voyagers could actually become a family? Starfleet, Maquis, Klingon, Talaxian, hologram, Borg, even Mr. Paris..." - "Year of Hell, Part I"

"You should know I`m a hologram, and can`t be bent, spindled, or mutilated. So don`t bother trying." - hirogenskom lovcu, "Prey"

"The least you could do is show a little gratitude." Doctor Zimmerman: "Thank you. Get out of here!" - u razgovoru sa dr. Zimmermanom, covjekom koji je stvorio njegov program, "Life Line"

"They`re Klingons, not kittens." - "The Killing Game"

"I`ll complain if I want`s comforting." - "One"

"There is nothing primitive about me. I am programmed to perform more than 5 million medical procedures."

"Home sweet sickbay." - "One"

"I have no interest in your frivolous fantasy." - Tomu i Harryju, "Night"

"Does the phrase `to be continued` mean anything to you?" - isto Tomu i Harryju, kad su molili Doktora da ih pusti da jos malo u holodeku izvode svoj program Captain Proton, iako su upali u Doktorov termin za vjezbanje opere, "Night"

"The Borg - party poopers of the galaxy." - "Drone"

"Early bird gets the gagh!" - B`Elanni, nagovarajuci je da se rano ustane i sto prije popravi njegov holoemiter, "Drone"

"Obviously the Borg can`t hold their liquor." - nakon sto se Sedma napila od jedne case sampanjca, "Timeless"

"Captain, you can`t actually be considering this Vulcan mumbo-jumbo!" - o vulkanskoj telepatskoj tehnici Mind Meld, "Infinite Regress"

"Mutiny? I believe that`s better than a conspiracy." - "Latent Image"

"I am a doctor, not a battery." - "Gravity"

"I am a doctor, not a dragon slayer." - "Bliss"

"Weapons manifest? This is a sickbay, not an arsenal." - "Bliss"

Borg: "We are the Borg". Doctor: "I know very well who you are." Borg: "You will be assimilated." Doctor: "Over my dead program!!!" - "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"

"All I've ever wanted was to live up to my full potential... to help the people I love." - "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"

"An incredibly sophisticated computer simulation." - govoreci o sebi

"An injection a day keeps space sickness away!" - "Course: Oblivion"

"Anyone can stargaze on the Bridge but the real action will always be in Sickbay." - "The Q and the Grey"

"As I am in charge of this program you will do it my way!"

"As much as he may annoy me at times, Mr.Neelix is one of the most resourceful... individuals I know"

"Well, if you must know, Ranek kissed me!!" - "Body and Soul"

"Leave it to Mr.Paris to be just as much trouble now as when he's awake"...

"It's never a good sign when the patient feels the need to comfort the doctor"

"It may seem pointless but small talk is a vital dating skill..." - Sedmoj, "Someone to Watch Over Me"

"If you think there's a risk Mr.Tuvok you can throw one of your little forcefields around the chamber"... - "The Gift"

"If we ever get home I expect I'll become quite the hero..."

"If a patient told me not to treat them... I would be ethically obligated to honour that request"

"I've just had the most unpleasant encounter with a mad woman on the holodeck" - "The Swarm"

"I'm no time travel expert but can't we just call Voyager again? The past isn't going anywhere" - "Timeless"

"I'm equipped with the collected medical knowledge of more than 3000 cultures"

"I'm a Doctor. Whether my patient is human or Romulan I'll do everything in my power to save him" - "Message in a Bottle"

"I'm a doctor, not a zoo-keeper"

"I too come from a distinguished line"... My cousin was a prize-winning chess program"

"I didn't design the room. I just work here" - Neelixu, "Phage"

"I am programmed to be heroic when the need arises" - "Heroes and Demons"

"For such an intellectually enlightened race, Vulcans have a remarkably Victorian attitude about sex." - "Blood Fever"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kiss you..." Neelix: "I'll try to contain my disappointment"

"Doctor to the Bridge. I'm day-dreaming again. Somebody deactivate me." - "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"

"By the way Danara I've been meaning to tell you"... "I'm romantically attracted to you... " - "Lifesigns"

"I love you, Seven!!!" - "The Renaissance Man"

Doktor u opernom kostimu.............