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Voyager Likovi
Chakotay - NOVO


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Seven of Nine
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Commander Chakotay
"We`re here to change history"

Zapovjednik Chakotay pristupio je Akademiji Zvjezdane flote kad je imao 15 godina, no nakon sto je postao casnik, pridruzio se Makijima, federacijskim pobunjenicima koji su se borili protiv Kardasijanaca da zastite svoje domove, cime su riskirali rat Federacije i Kardasijanaca.

Nakon sto su USS Voyager i njegov makijski brod zaglavili u Delta kvadrantu, Chakotay se odlucio pridruziti kapetanici Janeway i postao je njezin prvi casnik.

On je Indijanac, ali ne znamo iz kojeg plemena, iako stalno govori: "Moje pleme, moje pleme...." Jako se dobro sprijateljio s kapetanicom Janeway, u koju je dugo vremena bio potajno zaljubljen, no buduci da se ona kao kapetanica broda nije zeljela upustati u vezu s clanom svoje posade, Chakotay je dozivio mnoge romanticne pustolovine s mnogo zanimljivih zena, buduci da je dezurni "ladies man".

Posada ga voli zbog njegove susretljive i sarmantne naravi. Ima dobar smisao za humor, ali svaki put kad vozi shuttle, srusi se. Njegove najbolje epizode su Resolutions, Scorpion, Waking Moments, Unforgettable, In the Flesh, Timeless, The Voyager Conspiracy, Shattered, Human Error i Natural Law.

Chakotay - "hard working"

Commander`s Quotes:

"You`re stuck with the only Indian in the universe who can`t start a fire by rubbing two sticks together." - kapetanici Janeway, epizoda "Basics, Part II"

"Better safe than assimilated."

"I guess you never assimilated any Indian scouts." - Sedmoj od Devet

"I`d like to thank the Borg Collective." - "Timeless"

Valerie Archer: "Can you dance?" Chakotay: "I`ve been accused of trying." - "In the Flesh"

"If you`re interested I`ll be glad to teach you how to contact your animal guide." - kapetanici Janeway, "The Cloud"

"B`Elanna was the only one I know who tried to kill her animal guide." - "The Cloud"

"Must be some sort of a fetish." - "Hunters"

"Seven, I want good news, that`s an order." - "Night"

"We should consider the fact that it might be necessary for the crew to start having children." - "Elogium"

"We`re here to change history." - "Timeless"

"We would be helping a race that`s killed billions. We`d be helping the Borg assimilate yet another species just to get ourselves back home. It`s wrong!" - "Scorpion, Part II"

"She does have your legs." - kapetanici, "Future`s End, Part I"

"Besides, out here in the Delta Quadrant, every old trick is new again." - "Ex Post Facto"

"You were working for her, Seska was working for them. Was anyone on board that ship working for me?" - porucniku Tuvoku, "State of Flux"

"You damn Vulcans and your defined parameters!" - isto Tuvoku, "State of Flux"

"The logical course isn`t always the right course." - opet Tuvoku, "Tattoo"

"So now I`m getting advice about controlling my emotions from you?" - B`Elanni Torres, "Maneuvers"

"Home is wherever you happen to be." - "Deadlock"

"Peace in your heart, fortune in your steps." - izreka Chakotayevog plemena, "Innocence"

"Even the eagle must know when to sleep." - kapetanici Janeway, "Resolutions"

B`Elanna: "And if you tell this to anyone....." Chakotay: "I know, you`ll rip my heart out and eat it." - "Remember"

"What`s your next trick, Harry? Pull a shuttlecraft out of a hat?" - "Favourite Son"

"Careful, Tom. You might find out that you leave Voyager only to join a monastery." - Tomu Parisu o otkrivanju svoje buducnosti, "Before and After"

"Do you always harpoon the local wildlife?" - nakon sto ga je vothski znanstvenik Gegen omamio nekim oruzjem, "Distant Origin"

"Kathryn, don`t try to be a hero." - kapetanici, "Worst Case Scenario"

"You`re more than just my captain. You`re my friend." - kapetanici, "Scorpion, Part II"

"I wish it was easy to stop hating as it was to start." - "Nemesis"

"That`s a reasonable argument, but you`re not always a reasonable woman." - kapetanici Janeway, "The Omega Directive"

Chakotay se udvara kapetanici