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Voyager Likovi
Tom Paris - NOVO


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Tom Paris - NOVO
Seven of Nine
B`Elanna Torres
Harry Kim

Lt. Tom Paris
"I`ve never been very good at playing by the rules"

Porucnik Tom Paris je pilot USS Voyagera. Upravo prije Voyagerovog polaska na prvu misiju, kapetanica Janeway ga je izvukla iz zatvora, gdje je zavrsio zbog pomaganja Makijima, pobunjenim borcima za slobodu. Kapetanica je imala mnogo povjerenja u njegove izuzetne pilotske vjestine, unatoc njegovoj veoma buntovnickoj naravi, sto je bila posljedica prilicno zategnutog Tomovog odnosa sa svojim ocem.

Nakon sto se Voyager izgubio u Delta kvadrantu, Tom je imao problema navikavajuci se na disciplinu i autoritete na federacijskom zvjezdanom brodu, no zajednistvo Voyagerove posade pretvorilo ga je u odgovornog i pouzdanog casnika koji je prevladao svoje buntovnicke probleme i razvio mnoga prijateljstva medu clanovima posade, te romanticnu vezu sa glavnom strojarkom B`Elannom Torres.

Tom jako voli neslane sale i psine, koje izvodi svom najboljem prijatelju Harryju Kimu, i osobito natporucniku Tuvoku, koji je po ponasanju i ozbiljnosti njegova totalna suprotnost. Lt. Paris takoder uziva u holografskim programima, cesto djetinjastima, medu kojima se posebno izdvaja Kapetan Proton, intergalakticki junak....

Tomove najbolje epizode su Time and Again, Ex Post Facto, Non Sequitur, Parturition, Investigations, Basics, The Chute, Future`s End, Blood Fever, Displaced, Day of Honour, Thirty Days, Gravity, Someone to Watch Over Me, Alice, Spirit Folk, Drive i Lineage.

Tom Paris za kormilom Delta Flyera

Tom`s Quotes:

Lt. Stadi: "Do you always fly at women at warp speed, Mr. Paris?" Paris: "Only when they`re in visual range." - "Caretaker, Part I"

"If we don`t get more power to the warp drive, we`re all gonna have to get out and push." - "Parallax"

"I consider you the conscience I never had." - Harryju Kimu, "Ex Post Facto"

"I`m famous for my dirty tricks, you know." - u razgovoru s Kes, "Parturition"

"This upside down mission to the wrong side of the galaxy has given me a second chance. And I don`t intend to blow it." - "Parturition"

"If you hear muffled screams consider that a request for a beam out." - "Parturition"

"Here lies Thomas Eugene Paris, beloved mutant." - "Threshold"

"Torres doesn`t cry, did you ever notice that? I don`t trust people who don`t cry." - "Threshold"

"We`ve created a monster." - nakon sto su se Neelix i Tuvok spojili u jednu osobu teleporterskom nezgodom, "Tuvix"

"Vulcans, deep down you`re all just a bunch of hypochondriacs." - Tuvoku, "Future`s End, Part I"

"Has anyone ever told you you`re a real freakasaurus?" - isto Tuvoku, "Future`s End, Part II"

"Are you telling me I`m impossible to resist?" - B`Elanni, "Blood Fever"

"You`re my role model. You`re reliable, hard working, extremely punctual... did I mention polite?" - Harryju Kimu, "Favourite Son"

Harry Kim: "So, how does it feel to be a grandfather?" Tom Paris: "A lot better than it does to have you for a son-in-law." - "Before and After"

"BYOB... Bring Your Own Bat`leth." - B`Elanni, "Distant Origin"

"I am an easygoing person, who is just trying to be friendly to someone who is obviously terrified of having a friend." - B`Elanni, "Displaced"

"We should have known Seska wouldn`t let a little thing like death stop her from getting even." - "Worst Case Scenario"

"Shut up." - B`Elanni, sekundu prije nego ju je poljubio, "Revulsion"

"He thinks time has a personal grudge on him! That`s paranoia, Chakotay, with a hint of megalomania." - o Annoraxu, "Year of Hell, Part II"

"I feel like we`ve just been mugged." - "Concerning Flight"

"I`m a pilot, Harry, not a doctor." - "Message in a Bottle"

"Watch your mouth, Hedgehog." - Neelixu, u izvanzemaljskoj simulaciji, "Living Witness"

"You must be bucking for a promotion." - Harryju, nakon sto je ovaj postao vrlo samouvjeren, "Demon"

"Don`t tell me a big, tough guy like you is afraid of a little poisoned atmosphere." - Chakotayu, "Demon"

Tom Paris, vidjevsi USS Dauntless: "Wow." Tuvok: "Wow indeed." - "Hope and Fear"

"Come on Seven, give it a chance. The galaxy`s at stake." - govoreci o svom holoprogramu, Pustolovine Kapetana Protona, "Night"

"You`re right, we are demons... and we eat little children... and I haven`t had my supper yet!" - nesnosnom djecaku, "Time and Again"

"This isn`t about the gun, it`s about sex!" - B`Elanni, "Blood Fever"

Tuvok: "My shield designs could be successfully applied to a vessel of this size." Tom: "Big of you to admit it, Tuvok." - "Extreme Risk"

"Getting B'Elanna to control her temper is like convincing a Ferengi to leave his estate to charity." - Tuvoku, "Juggernaut"

"Orgy of the Walking Dead? That's a classic!" - "Future`s End"

"Harry Kim has fallen for a hologram, a Borg, the wrong twin and now the dearly departed" - nakon sto se Harry zaljubio u clanicu posade koju su nakon smrti ozivili izvanzemaljci, - "Ashes to Ashes"

"B'Elanna was someone who was very special to me. When she died I felt like I wanted to die too." - u alternativnoj buducnosti, "Before and After"

"Between you and me, B'Elanna and I don't need aphrodisiacs." - "Course: Oblivion"

Paris: "Call me skipper." Kim: "Sailor talk, you'll get used to it." Seven: "I think not." - "Thirty Days"

"Congratulations, Tuvok. You just saved us from a flotilla of hostile trash." - "Alice"

"For the first time in my life I don't know what to say."

"Having to dump the warp core has to be the low point of any day." - B`Elanni, "Day of Honour"

"Heads up folks, I think we're getting close."

"I always had a thing about the French." Sandrine: "And the French always had a thing about you..." - "Twisted"

"I am tired of tapping panels, for once I want controls that let me actually feel the ship I'm piloting." - "Extreme Risk"

"I was about to say Captain Proton to the rescue, but I see you have everything under control"... - kapetanici, "Bride of Chaotica"

"I've never been very good at playing by the rules."

Tom i B`Elanna sretno vjencani. Ili ne................